Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello...Anybody There?

You all probably thought I fell off the face of the earth! I cannot believe that I have not posted anything since October! I am going to try ans do better. I have a ton of pictures to upload, I just can't get my camera to upload pictures on my laptop. It will work on Jon's computer, so next time I have a chance to get onto his computer, I will definitely get some photos up here.

We've just been busy with homeschooling lately. All of the kids have been in a virtual on-line program. It has been a little overwhelming, because I am trying to teach 5 kids 5 different curriculums all at the same time. Whew! So that is why for this up coming school year, I am going to be doing something different. Connor and Colin will still be doing a on-line virtual school next year. Just not the one we are currently doing. They will be switching to Connections Academy which has more of what they want and need. The rest of the kids will be homeschooled still, but I am going to do it myself and make my own curriculum for them! Wish me luck! My brain hurts from all of the researching but, I think I have finally narrowed it down to what I want to do! Yay! I'm thinking about starting my own homeschool blog, just so I can blab about my experiences.