Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hello everyone. I know I have been horrible at keeping up with the blog. I will try to do better. We have been so busy with soccer and school lately. I have three kids playing soccer this year. Connor Colin and Hayley. Connor and Colin are on the same team this year, Desert Hawks, and Jon is the assistant coach for their team. Hayley's team name is Arctic Heat and for not playing in 5 years she is doing pretty good. I took pictures of her last game but, I have not be able to upload them yet. My laptop crashed and all my stuff is stored on there. Luckily, my computer savvy husband has been able to retrieve everything so far.

Connor had his 6 month scoliosis check last week, and unfortunately the digression in his spine is a little more than what we had hoped for...ok a lot more. He has had an 18 percent increase in his curvature within the past 6 months. The normal for scoliosis patients is 10% in one year. Connor is going to be starting physical therapy and he is also going to have an MRI done for his back. The doctor wants to make sure that there is no other underlying cause for the rapid digression in Connor's scoliosis.

Please keep Connor in your prayers, while he is having to go through this ordeal.