Sunday, August 31, 2008

Alison's and Colin's Birthdays

My baby girl has turned 1 year old. She is growing up way too fast. We decided to have a double birthday party for her and Colin, since both of them were born in August. We don't know that many people yet, so we invited our friends the Richardson's over for a BBQ and to sing Happy Birthday. They have 5 kids with one due in October. It was definitely a full house. Alison got a new toddler car seat and a walker that is shaped like a little dolly stroller. She loves it!! Colin got a new Nintendo DS (in blue), some games and lots of legos.

We decided to play it simple and do cupcakes instead of a big birthday cake. It worked out well for everyone since, we had such a large group. Alison really enjoyed her cup cake. If you couldn't tell!!

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