Sunday, September 7, 2008

Family Update

A lot of things have been happening in our little house hold lately. First of all, Jon and I both have church callings. I am the Bear Cub den leader in Cub Scouts and Jon has just been called as the 11 year old scout leader and Primary Teacher. These callings will keep us both busy during the week and on Sundays for Jon. Lucky for us my group meets on Tuesdays and Jon's on Wednesdays, so the issue of child care will not be a problem.

Secondly, we are looking for a new car. Jon was in a car accident last week and his car has been declared a total loss. It was the other driver's fault but, the appraisal on our car will not give us enough to get another one without payments, which is what we want. So we have to layout all of our options and make a decision.

We have also decided to pull Colin out of school. Arizona has a public school home schooling program and we are working to get Colin set up with that. He is in such a small school right now, that some of the teachers were unable to accommodate Colin and his 504 plan in a way that we thought they should. He has been miserable this year, so we decided to finally pull him. As soon as we get the final approval from Arizona Virtual Academy, Colin will be taught at home. Hope fully, by the end of this coming week. It will definitely be challenging, but worth it in the long run.

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