Tuesday, July 29, 2008


As soon as we close on our house which will be very soon, hopefully, one of the first things that I want to do is change the floors. There is wall to wall berber carpet in the house, to include the dining room. And, while berber is durable, I cannot stand to have carpet in my eating area. It's just not practical. I have to vacuum after every meal and if something falls (which it will) I have to spot clean right away, before the stain sets in. I want to put in laminate flooring. I found the one that I want. It's called Old Boston. It's very rustic looking, which I absolutely love. The question is do I just do the living room, dining room and hallway or do I do the bedrooms too? Jon thinks that we should do the bedrooms, maybe even the kitchen. But, how durable would it be in the kitchen? Decisions. decisions!!

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Anonymous said...

First- love the flooring...do it all over! We have ours in the kitchen...only thing, keep a floor towel or paper towels handy for the water spills, etc...got to dry that up asap.

Second- love the mountian photos....woah...gorgeous!

Third- got your address and phone. thanks! just in time too, because all of a sudden FaceBook booted me off, for no apparent reason. They said I violated terms of use...see my blog.

Fourth- show more photos!!! kids, the inside of the house, etc...all of you!!!! we miss you much!!!!

sending hugs and kisses-
Peg, James, Brigham, Cameron, Carson and Porter.
(Yuka, Yoda, Fat Phil, Prissy and Lola too).