Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fun at the Rodeo

Friday night we went to Fort Huachuca with some friends
to see the Cochise College Rodeo. The kids had gotten
coupons for it at school ans were soooooo excited to go.
We had been having wonderful weather all week, we
thought that we could handle this adventure. A cold
front came in earlier that day bringing with it cold and
gusty canyon winds, but we braved it. The kids had a
great time. Connor was especially fastinated by the
bucking bronco's. We ended up leaving before it was over,
because it just got too cold for the kids. So, we missed the
goat tying and the bull riding. We made up for it by stopping
off to get some hot chocolate to thaw our bodies out piece by
piece. I did take some pictures. Some of them are not
so great because of the glare from the lights but,
I did the best I could.
I hope you enjoy them.

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Rachel said...

This looks so fun, I love rodeos. We used to go all th etime when I was a kid. It looks like all the kids enjoyed themselves!