Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hayley's Birthday

We had a small family party for Hayley's 10th birthday this year. As you can probably tell from her pictures, she was very satisfied with all of the goodies she got this year. I let each child pick out what they want for their birthday dinner. Hayley chose to have shrimp and sushi for her birthday dinner. So, we decided to try grilling the shrimp. I think they turned out pretty well. Hayley also does not like birthday cake, so every year I bake a giant chocolate chip cookie and decorate it. She loves it and looks forward to it every year. Our Hayley is growing up. Kids sure don't stay little for very long. We are so happy to have Hayley in our family. We love you Hayley!

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maryellen Ward/Birch said...

sounds like it was a blast, wish her happy birthday from our family, and what a great idea for the cookie instead of cake!!