Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Mesa Trip

A few weeks ago Jon, my husband, was in a car accident. No one was seriously injured, but his car was totaled. It was the other driver's fault so, we patiently waited until our insurance company finally deposited the money we needed for a replacement car. It was a very long couple of weeks with only car between the 8 members of our very busy family. Luckily, our friend Matt Steele, was nice enough to give Jon rides to and from work, so that I could have the car during the day. I was also watching his daughter, so that was helpful to him as well.

Well, after the money came in we headed up to Mesa to look at a car that Jon had his eye on. We did not end up getting that particular car though. In fact, we had almost given up that day but, fortunately stumbled across one last area to look. We ended up buying a Navy Blue, 2002 Ford Mustang convertible and was able to pay cash for it. So, no car payments! WoooHooo! I tell everyone that it is Jon's mid life crisis car. The kids think it's awesome and are constantly begging their dad if they can ride in it with the top down. Of course, it is perfect weather here for that.

To top off our day, we stopped in to visit with some old friends, that now live near Mesa, Tim and Heidi Steele and their daughter Maritza. I wish I had taken some pictures there. The kids had fun looking at their goats, jumping on the trampoline and playing with their dogs.

I am headed up to Mesa again next week to take Connor on a Youth Temple Trip. I have never been to the Mesa Temple so, I am excited to go.

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