Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Playground

I took the younger two to the park yesterday for playgroup. We had all been cooped up inside for a while homeschooling, working on house projects, etc. We really needed to get some fresh air and exercise. Colin came too. He is being homeschooled now so, he decided to bring some work with him while the kids were playing. We are looking to get him involved in some extracurricular actvities so he still has that social interaction he needs. He already is involved in scouts at church. His band teacher said that he could still participate in band if he wanted to, because technically we are still a part of the school district. He is thinking he might like to do that. He also wants to join a chess club and a Legobot club. The Legobot Club is where kids get together in teams and are given an assignment to build a Lego Robot that has to complete different tasks. They then compete against each other.


Deon said...

It's so awesome to be able to stay in touch. Our blog is

The Coles said...

Hey Christy! Are you at Ft Huachuka again? Has it changed at all? Your children are beautiful. We are homeschooling this year too. A real adventure. Email me sometime and let me know how it is going. I will follow your blog. Heidi Cole