Friday, November 21, 2008

Little Artist

I call this one "Scribbles at the Crossroads"

I call this one "Temper Tantrum"

And this one "Sibling Rivalry" ( I am not sure but
it looks like there is another person at their feet)

You know, I openly let my kids explore their interests. I like to see their little personalities and gifts and talents develop. I encourage them to be creative. If I can channel all of that creative thinking towards something constructive, then I feel that I have accomplished something great for my children. Sometimes they like to think "out of the box" which is fine, but when it lands on my walls...well that's another matter. Behold, the artwork of William Thomas Graham, age 4. Maybe, in 400 years or so, his famous artwork will be hung in museums all over the world. And here on my blog, we have all seen his first few masterpieces. Well done, William, well done! I guess I need to channel that creativity a little bit better.


Rebekah said...

That's funny! At least you can find the humor is these types of situations. He's quite the artist!

Tricia said...

Ee Gads! He was very busy, indeed. I'll bet you won't be giving him a paintbrush to cover it up, right?