Friday, November 21, 2008

More Mormon Battalion Pics

Hiking up a steep area. There is fallen barbed wire along that fence. My jeans got caught in it. Luckily, I got tangled before it did any damaged. There is a lot of loose gravel, everyone had a hard time keeping their footing. On the other side where we are headed is an old railway track. The rails aren't there anymore, just the gravel. Once in awhile we would spot an old rusted piece of metal that was once probably part of the track.

This is around where the Mormon Battalion was involved in what was called the battle of the bulls. A herd of cattle attacked them and 2 men were wounded. I don't think that anyone really knows why the animals were provoked.

Some Indian pictoglyphs we saw along the way. There was a whole trail filled with them.

The trail went up a steep river bank. There wasn't really much to hold on to, but no one fell in. I think we were a good 10-15 feet up. We even saw some trees that beavers had gnawed on and some racoon tracks. The boys were thrilled.

Walking along the sandy river bank

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